A bedroom is a place, a bubble
where stories are made and told


Every year the same story. Hours and hours on the Internet searching through many many different rental platforms and websites for the perfect place to spend our holidays.
A real contemporary decor, which means no faded wax table cloth placed over a plastic table, no lace doilies or shiny rustic tiles. A house that breathes modernity a bedroom where you feel like chilling, relaxing and re-energizing. A house where you feel like at home before even stepping in.

The concept is clear and obvious. The natural endpoint of a creative person with a fashion and media background, passionate about design, architecture and art.


We wanted to share good vibes, beautiful places, beautiful views, things, and style. Choosing esthetic over quantity, and selecting places with a contemporary style and design.
Become a label, a signature that reflects a contemporary lifestyle combined with a stylish and refined aestheticism.


Our desire? To share our vision with inspired, efficient and affordable interior design services. Because small details can make big changes. After all we only need a few things to refresh a room and give it a contemporary beat, style and soul.
Art expression is the mirror of a time, an identity.
Art is inspiring, and it simply gives life.


STYLE GUEST HOME. To live, travel and stay in style.
To make you feel good elsewhere, to make you feel different, to give you style.

A bientôt,
Sonia Viskov
Creative Director & Founder 

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