Styleguesthome.com is a label_concept website which combines travel, interior design, design and contemporary art. This website is STYLE GUEST HOME’s property, whose headquarters are at 54 rue de Lisleferme _ 33000 Bordeaux, France. The use of the website “styleguesthome.com” implies the full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use hereinafter described in article 1.


The use of the styleguesthome.com website implies the full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use described below. These conditions of use may be modified or supplemented at any time. Users of the styleguesthome.com website are invited to consult them regularly.


Styleguesthome.com is a website of services and curation of content which has a triple object :

1- provide interior design, space design and home restyling advices to professionals, owners or managers of guest houses or holiday homes (“restyle” section of the site)
2- propose a selection of exclusively contemporary and design guests rooms and holiday homes to professionals and individuals (“travel” section of the site)
3- share a selection of design items, decoration and contemporary art to professionals and individuals (section “shop” site)

These three activities are distance conducted, exclusively digitally and detailed on the styleguesthome.com website. The activity of interior design advice is also distance executed, without displacement.

To have access to the paid service proposed by styleguesthome.com, the user must first create his account on the website according to the terms and conditions indicated on the website. By creating his account, the user guarantees to be able to contract and to be a professional acting for the needs of his activity, that the data transmitted during the creation of the account are exact and in conformity with reality.


3.1 In terms of design and interior decoration service proposed in the “restyle” category of the website: styleguesthome.com operates online, upstream on the design and creation of value in interior design, advices, research of furniture, accessorizes, lighting. styleguesthome.com cannot be held responsible for the implementation and realization of the said decoration or said development by the customers owners. Styleguesthome.com is neither the contracting authority nor the main contractor in the execution of the works, and as such does not engage its contractual responsibility.

Any order placed by the customer user with a third party to buy furniture, lights or works of art listed on the shopping list does not engage the responsibility of styleguesthome.com in case of contractual breaches, delays, poor workmanship or latent defect attributable to third parties to which the client user will call. The documents sent to the customer client who have contracted a service are layout proposals but are not technical plans or execution plans. Styleguesthome.com is not an design or architecture office, thus customers users who do work on their own are required to check the dimensions. Styleguesthome.com cannot be held responsible in case of bad quotations.

3.2 Regarding the selection of rentals highlighted in the “travel” category of the website: styleguesthome.com cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the content provided by the owners of accommodation / rental rooms and / or holiday homes, or by resellers, agencies and booking platforms to which styleguesthome.com redirects its users to make their reservation of said accommodation. Similarly, styleguesthome.com cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the content provided by users of the website “styleguesthome.com”.

3.3 With regard to the selection of decoration items and contemporary art: the design, decoration items and pieces of art selected and highlighted in the “shop” category of the website, are presented with a brief description allowing the future purchaser user to know their characteristics and indicated price, extracts from the reseller website. styleguesthome.com can not be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the description or indicated price. For any purchase or additional information of the said item, styleguesthome.com always redirects with a hypertext link to the reseller ‘s or artist’s website.


The photos, images and graphic representations on our website are DR /RR (All Rights reserved) and intended to be merely illustrative of our services and not contractual. Apart from styleguestome photos produced by styleguesthome.com, the photos are DR/RR and sourced on the Internet via Pinterest or specific website and their photo credits are mentioned at the bottom of each page. All shopping pages and 2D and 3D stagings are the exclusive property of stylegueshome.
All images of accommodation rentals, images of decoration items or contemporary art highlighted on the website are selected from holidays rentals websites, artists’ websites or resellers websites and are DR/RR (All Rights reserved).


Styleguesthome.com offers professionals advices home styling (spaces, colors, materials, light, furniture, pieces of Contemporary Art) and interior design of rooms dedicated to the tourism sector (rooms, lounges, suites, guest rooms & guest houses, apartments, holiday home, lodges …). Depending on the chosen service, the deliverable will include personalized advice by phone or by email : a layout plan, 2D or 3D drawings, stagings, furniture boards, style boards, inspiration, a detailed list of ideas and products (the shopping list) concerning furniture, lighting, accessorizes, pieces of Contemporary Art.

To be able to benefit from an interior design service and place an order, the client must identify himself with his email address, his user number and his password. For any first order, he must create an account. The main features of the services offered in interior design are detailed on the website. The customer user is required to read it before he makes his order online. The choice of the purchase of a service is the only responsibility of the customer.
Styleguesthome undertakes to carry out its services and to provide the services ordered within a reasonable time which will be mentioned as an indication when the order is registered according to the chosen service (5 working days for the shopping list services, 10 days created for interior design services, 3 working days for the 3D supplement) and from the reception date of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service (photos, plan, questionnaire). Once the order has been placed, styleguesthome sends a questionnaire profile / inspirational trend book to the user (excluding the coaching call, 3D supplement and lifting 3.0 services). This questionnaire is used to define the contemporary style sought by the client user, the preferences in terms of colors and materials. Styleguesthome executes the chosen service from the user’s answers given in the questionnaire. .

Une fois la commande passée, styleguesthome envoie un questionnaire profil/carnet d’inspirations tendances à l’utilisateur client (hors prestations coaching call, supplément 3D et lifting 3.0). Ce questionnaire permet de définir le style contemporain recherché par l’utilisateur client, la gamme de couleurs et ses matières de prédilection. Styleguesthome exécute la prestation choisie à partir des réponses apportées dans le questionnaire par l’utilisateur client.

Styleguesthome is committed to making every effort to bring complete satisfaction to its client. Once the ordered service has been delivered to the client user, it can not be opposed to styleguesthome subjective arguments (taste, for example) to justify the re-execution of these deliverables or the refund of the services for which it has been committed . Styleguesthome designs, collaborates and exchanges with its customer users exclusively by phone or by email, digitally. The creative process is specified and detailed in the Restyle/ Interior Design section of the website.


To be able to benefit from interior design services, the client user agrees to give digitally (by email) all the scanned documents (photos and user’s plan as well as the questionnaire styleguesthome- sent after order, excluding the coaching call, 3D supplement and lifting 3.0- services) requested for the good execution of the chosen service. The client user undertakes to provide the documents and information that corresponds to the reality of his interior (visuals and quotations).


Styleguesthome.com offers professionals several packages of services in Interior Design (see details of the current offers and prices on the website). The prices charged by styleguesthome.com mentioned on the website are expressed in euros, excluding taxes and all taxes. Prices are those in effect on the day of the order. Styleguesthome.com has the right to modify its prices at any time. However, it undertakes to invoice the services at the prices indicated at the time of the order’s registration.


EIn terms of interior design offer: the services of interior design offered on the styleguesthome.com website are valid as long as they remain online. Styleguesthome.com reserves the right to change prices without notice but agrees to apply the current price that has been indicated at the time of purchase. In terms of selection of rentals or pieces of art: the special price of guest rooms or holiday homes rentals, of decoration items and art pieces or any other event offers are_by their exceptional nature_ a short duration offer and are often modified. Styleguesthome.com can not be held responsible for the lapse of these partner’s offers highlighted by the resellers or owners on the website, as they are directly decided and managed by them. Styleguesthome.com only relay their information.


The payment of styleguesthome’s interior design services is done exclusively via the website styleguesthome.com, by credit card via the Paypal system. Styleguesthome has no access to confidential information relating to the means of payment that the client uses during the payment. For this reason, the customer’s bank details will be requested for each new service order.


The Interior Design offer is for professionals. The services are performed in 5 or 10 working days depending on the chosen service (ie: 5 days for the shopping list and 10 days for the “interior design”) and are available from the reception date of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service, with the exception of the “coaching call” offer which is based on advices and on a telephone exchange lasting approximately 2 hours. If the client user wishes to receive his service before term, he can notify it by writing a letter dropping out his right of retraction. The offers and services in interior design are reserved for professionals and performed on line and out of the place. This concerns the following interior design services: the coaching call, the shopping list, the interior design and the stylish envelope (which includes the coaching call Gift, the shopping list Gift and the lifting 3.0).

For professionals, the service is performed within 5 days or 10 working days from the reception date of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service (photos, plan, quotations, inspiration book, questionnaire). Or at least, in total: date of order and payment on the website + X days (the reception date of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service -photos, plan, questionnaire) + 5 days or 10 working days (depending on the chosen service).

Styleguesthome nonetheless reserves the possibility of being able to offer two types of services to private individuals_services which appear in the ” stylish envelope ” section and which are: 1.Coaching call gift and 2.Shopping list gift.
– For point 1, the service is done by making an appointment by phone, by email D+ 1 after having made the online and once the 14-day right to withdrawal period is over.
– For point 2, the service is performed within 5 days up to 10 working days from the reception date of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service) and once the 14-day right to withdrawal period is over. Or at least in total: date of order and payment on the website + X days (date of reception by e-mail of the user’s documents requested for the good execution of the chosen service (photos, plan, questionnaire) + 14 days of withdrawal + 5 days up to 10 working days (depending on the chosen service)

NB. The delivery time indicated during the registration of the order is only given as an indication. It is 5 up to 10 working days depending on the chosen service and is not guaranteed. Because it depends on the date of reception by mail of the user’s documents, requested for the good execution of the chosen service (photos, plan, questionnaire). Consequently, any reasonable delay in the delivery of services will not be able to give rise to the benefit of the client user to:
– the award of damages and interest,
– the cancellation of the order.


The right to withdraw is open to individuals only for the Coaching call gift and Shopping list Gift services intended to be offered to professionals and / or individuals. From the date of order and in accordance with the legal provisions in force of Law 2014-344 of March 17, 2014, the non-professional user can exercise his right to withdraw within 14 days from the date of the order. To do so, it must send us within the above mentioned deadline (postmark) a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, indicating the intention to retract, to the following address:54 rue de Lisleferme _ 33000 Bordeaux, France
After this deadline, the action is initiated by styleguesthome.com. In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014, the right to withdraw is open to professionals when the contract is concluded off-premises, the object of which does not fall within the scope of their main activity, for professionals whose number of employees is less than or equal to five.


In terms of interior design, decoration and home retyling services, styleguesthome.com operates exclusively at distance, upstream on the design, home restyling, and not in the physical implementation of the interior design, decoration or websites (for offer lifting 3.0). Apart from the right to withdraw within fourteen days, any request for postponement or modification of order is subject to the styleguesthome.com’s prior agreement. In case of cancellation, the order can not be refunded and is due in its entirety.


The responsibility of stylegueshome.com can not be implemented if the non-execution or the delay in the execution of one of its obligations described in these general conditions of sale arises from a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure means any external event, unforeseeable and irresistible within the meaning of article 1218 of the Civil Code.


The different categories of accommodation offered by styleguesthome.com are an exclusive collection. The styleguesthome.com rental offer is the result of a curation of rental properties based on aesthetics and style criterias: a contemporary design decoration. Each accommodation selection is internally approved after reading travelers’ reviews. Styleguesthome.com connects the user with the owner of the accommodation or the booking platform. Styleguesthome.com does not manage live bookings and can not be held responsible for any cancellation or disappointment related to the booking of accommodation highlighted by styleguesthome.com.


Styleguesthome.com is committed to respecting the confidentiality of the data and messages emails received by its users. For the execution of its online services, styleguesthome.com is required to collect a certain amount of personal data. In accordance with Article 34 of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the client user has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him. This right can be exercised by mail at STYLE GUEST HOME _ 54 RUE DE LISLEFERME, 33000 BORDEAUX or by email: at contact@styleguesthome.com


The client user authorizes styleguesthome.com via the acceptance of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS to use the photos and plans of its interior transmitted before the execution of interior design services or advices. The client user agrees to provide digital photos of his interior before and after the implementation of the home restyling lor the new interior design imagined by styleguesthome.com. Styleguesthome.com may use them for promotional purposes.


The General Conditions are subject to the French law. The Website complies with the French law, and in no case does styleguesthome.com give any guarantee of conformity to the local legislation that would be applicable to the client user, as long as he / she accesses the Website from other countries. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale will be subject to French law. In the absence of amicable agreement, the litigation will be brought before the competent Court of the place of the registered office of styleguesthome.com.


Styleguesthome.com is the property of STYLE GUEST HOME, a domain name and trademark protected by intellectual property rights. Any total or partial reproduction of this site or any of its elements without the express prior consent of styleguesthome.com is prohibited. Any representation, alteration, modification or reproduction of this site, by any means whatsoever, constitutes an infringement, sanctioned by the competent French courts. Styleguesthome.com retains full ownership of the image of completed projects (sketches, staging, visuals, illustrations) under copyright and intellectual property. As such, only the use for private use is allowed.